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Common Ground Country Fair

Hello Readers,

This past weekend I went to the Common Ground Country Fair for the first time. I loved the fair and worked as a vendor for Fisher Farm on Friday, volunteered on Saturday, and spent the day as a consumer on Sunday.

If any of you have the opportunity to either vend at the fair or volunteer you should do it because it’s a good way to get an all around feel for the fair.

I even stayed overnight and camped through the weekend. Having practically lived at the Common Ground Country Fair this past weekend I have lots to report on.

First, I’d like to say that it’s a great privilege and a whole lot of fun vending for a farm! You get to meet a lot of new people and hear how psyched they are about fresh, local produce. We also saw many European Market regulars so thank you for continuing to support the farm- I know the Fisher’s greatly appreciate it.

ImageVolunteering was also fun, I was in the Children’s Area as a “Mad Scientist” and had fun teaching children about why two connected bottles filled with water create a tornado, as well as how an air hockey table works.

As a consumer, the fair is awesome not only because of the cool products, speakers, and animals, but also because many of the vendors are very wise and know a lot about the animals or products they work with.

If you haven’t made conversation with the vendors yet, or haven’t gone to the fair I encourage you to do so next year- you’ll never forget it!

Did you go to the fair? Did you witness anything cool or meet someone fascinating? Let us know we’d love to hear about your experience and what you thought.

Also did you check out the award winners? Fisher Farm won first place for their huge Sweet Potatoes and their apprentice, Sean, won first place for his Painted Mountain Indian Corn. Be sure to congratulate them at the market next weekend.


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  1. Cool report on the fair. I didn’t make it this year but I went last year and its a blast.

  2. Nice report on your experience at the fair! I wish I could’ve made it this year- although I have gone proir years and couldn’t agree with you more! It is a lot of fun! Sounds like you had a good time volunteering!!

  3. Glad to hear the far was so swell!! any particular favorites?

  4. It was a good year at Commonground this year!

  5. in case you haven’t been to one of them with the horrible weather we often get they are still very fun. my favorite thing about common ground is that its the only fair we can easily set up for the spinners with the rabbits.


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