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Fisher Farm Podcast

This is our first podcast in which we interview Fisher Farm on MOFGA’s apprenticeship program. They will talk about how they got into farming, why they have apprentices, and why apprentices are useful in getting their produce to you. Enjoy the podcast.

If you are still interested in MOFGA’s program here is some more info on the following program, the journey person program:

After the apprenticeship program a striving farmer can continue their study of sustainable agriculture through the journeyperson program. In this program, the journeyperson chooses a mentor who will watch over and check up on the new farmer.

The journey people begin to work on their own farm and crop, if applicable, within this program. There are many benefits to this program including mentorship, technical assistance, business planning, and help with getting established.

The journey people are provided with free access to any of MOFGA’s resources including events, workshops, and conferences. They also receive an educational stipend of $500 per year, which can be spent on supplementary classes, workshops, conferences, reference books, and anything that is educational and useful to a farmer. The journey people also receive a group discount at FEDCO and Organic Growers Supply and have access to MOFGA’s Organic Farmers’ Loan Fund.

According to Dennis Fisher of Fisher Farm, as seen in the video, the best part of the apprenticeship program is after the apprentices leave and work their way to owning their own farm. He along with Beth Haines, has kept in touch with all the apprentices who worked on to farm and visits their farms regularly, remaining a source and guide to his former apprentices.


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  1. sounds like a great program, loved all the pictures! great camera perspectives!


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