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Interview with Elaine’s Basket Cafe

Here is an interview with the sweet as her donuts Elaine Poulin of Elaine’s Basket Cafe.


How did you get started with the Cafe? 

I worked for 30 years in State government and I’ve always wanted to own my own business for years.  I truly am enjoying this more than any job I’ve had.  A lot of work but very fullfilling.

What about food made you want to work with it? 

I was born and raised on a potato farm with all the animals possible and we worked all the time bringing in food and storing things in the summer for winter months.  We were always in the kitchen – family of 8 kids so we always had stuff to do to prepare meals and clean house.  It was what we did and we learned to enjoy it.

How did you get to where you are today? 

Worked in an office setting for 30 years and had part time jobs waitressing in restaurants also, so I always fantacized about owning my own restaurant.  When I moved back to Maine after being in Florida for 13 years I knew it was time to do it.

Is there anywhere else you’d like to go with your business? 

Yes, I would like to be in more convenient stores selling my product and also doing mail orders and internet orders also.  We would like to expand and offer more to the people in the future.

Have you worked or learned from anyone significant? 

My Mom was a jack of all trades.  She always used to say anything is possible if you put your mind to it and do it.  She was right because when you have a dream and you believe enough you can make it happen.  I used to thumb through cookbooks for enjoyment and always try new stuff and my Mom was very supportive of that.  She owned a sewing business and people would come pick up or drop off their clothes and I would give them samples of what I was baking and they would always say – you should open a bakery.

Could you list some of the things you offer at your Cafe? 

We have an awesome breakfast, eggs benedict, omelets, crepes, pancakes, muffins, croissants, homemade breads and much more.  We have a wide variety of donuts and bakery items.  We have people that drive far to get to our place to eat breakfast.

From what you make, what sells best or is most liked? 

People love our donuts and cinnamon buns.  We make donuts daily and fresh cinnamon buns a few days a week and they are a hit.

How did you get into making baskets and how did your hobby work its way into becoming part of the Cafe’s name?

I’ve always had a love for baskets because we picked our potatoes in the baskets and they always fascinated me.  I took up basket weaving 30 years ago and pretty much taught myself and have loved it ever since.  I used to do art shows in Florida and when I got here I opened the restaurant, I am also selling them in the gift shop area.  That is also the reason I have basket in my business name.

What is your favorite food and/or dessert? 

My favorite food and dessert is ice cream.  I also have an ice cream shop in the cafe because I enjoy eating ice cream so much.  What more does one want when their is ice cream to eat?

How can people best reach you? 

I am located in Milo and you can reach me at the shop which is at 24 W. Main St, in Milo but we will be moving downtown right on Main street.  My phone number is 207-943-2705.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Owning your own business is alot of work but very much worth it.  Everyone should follow their dream because that is what makes life worth living and what I live for is to make someone happy everyday.  Some days it’s many people which makes this world a better place to be in.  How can you not be happy eating some comfort food.  Loving what you do is not work.

How are your donuts so delicious?

Everyone of them is hand cut and filled with love.



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