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Tea Time with the Holmes’s

I’ve been waiting oolong to have a great tea. Here’s an interview with some of the best tea merchants this side of the Orient.


How did you start working with tea? 

We did a lot of reading books and online material to get a feel for what it would take.

What made you want to work with tea? 

It was out of frustration.  We could not find a good supply of loose leaf tea in our area and a minimal supply of decaffeinated teas.  There was no quality, no variety.  We had to travel to Portland and Boston.

How did you get to where you are today? 

We don’t feel we’re very far yet. We still have some planning to do.  Still, it took constant effort to not give up.  There were road blocks at every corner but we didn’t give up.

Is there anywhere else you’d like to go with your business? 

We have a vision of opening a retail store where we not only offer quality loose leaf teas but all the accessories that go with it.  And eventually to have a tea cafe where we offer tea brewed by the cup or pot and yummy pastries.

Have you worked with or learned from anyone significant? 

We are very much self-taught.  Both of us have sales experience but there’s more to tea than just liking to drink it so we had a lot to learn.

Could you list some of the teas you offer?

We offer the basics like, ceylon, darjeeling,oolong, rooibos, gunpowder, dragon’s well and herbals. Then we have fun flavors like peach apricot, blueberry, sweet pumpkin spice, chocolate mint.

From your teas, what sells best or is most liked?

During the Summer, it’s peach apricot hands down.  Since Fall started, it’s been, chocolate mint, sweet pumpkin spice and apple fig.

Are there any teas you sell that are significantly healthy or have remedial powers?

Tea in general has lots of health benefits.  All loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.  Different types of teas offer different benefits.  Dan decided that he wanted the benefits of all the different types of teas in one cup.  He blended a tea that has oolong, black, green and herbal teas.  He called it vitalitea.  It tastes good and has sold really well.

What are your favorite teas?

Dan’s is iced peach apricot.  I have such a hard time with a favorite.  My biggest decision in the morning used to be what to wear and now it’s which tea to drink.  In the summer, I go for iced fruit teas, when not feeling well, green tea with ginger added, in the mornings, orange potpourri or yerba mate with mint, afternnoon is for darjeeling or cream earl grey.

How can people best reach you?

People can reach us many ways, whatever is their favorite way to communicate.

By Phone, call or txt: 223-4249, email: through our website: or facebook, like our page.

Where other than the European Market are your teas sold? 

We have a selection at the Winterport Winery and we participate in events like the Maine Harvest Festival when possible.

Is there anything else you’d like to say? 

We are blessed that so many people are rooting for us to succeed.  At first, we were unsure if anyone but us would be interested in having better tea options available in our area.  The response was fabulous and cemented our commitment to continue to work towards making high quality loose leaf teas more accessible in our area.


I like the idea of tea by the pot – good luck guys see you at your cafe soon!


An Interview with Izzy’s Catering

Here is an interview for you that we had with the lovely Izzy Wieck of Izzy’s Catering. Enjoy.


How did you get into the catering business?

I have always been interested in it and wanted to prepare food with love. And also I like to see people happy when they eat.

What about food made you want to work with it?

I always had the dream of making food with quality and not with quantity. People eat with their eyes. When an item is appealing then they will want to eat it. Food is a form of art that should be recognized. The slow food movement is very important.

How did you get to where you are today?

Through the support of my parents, friends, and the chef instructors from Eastern Maine Community College.

Is there anywhere else you’d like to go with your business?

Demonstrations, traveling, and participating in food conferences

Have you worked or learned from anyone significant?

Troy Mains of the Robinhood Free Meeting House. Alejandro Rave and David Adams of Thistles Restaurant, Carl Johnson of Fisherman´s Inn, Mark Janicki, Jay Demers, and Julie Dufour of Eastern Maine Community College who were my chef instructors.

What is your favorite food and/or dessert?

It always depends on the day and season. With cold weather, I crave Persian lamb stew.

From what you make, what sells best or is most liked?

It always depends on the season. For example during the season of Lent, people always order hot cross buns. Sage and basil-scented shortbread cookies all year round.  Leek and goat cheese quiche is a great seller.

What events do you cater most?

The European Farmers Market and the performances during the school year at the Collins Center of the Arts. I just started a new venue at UMA in Bangor on Mondays and Tuesdays where I serve lunch items.

What catering services do you offer?

I do everyday meals, desserts, private parties, and/or functions.

How can people best reach you?

By email and/or phone.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

The European Farmers Market is my bread and butter.

The Collins Center for the Arts and UMA in Bangor is bringing the bacon home.

Private catering is the gravy.


If you have any more questions for Izzy or would like to hire her for an event reach her through her facebook or email her at


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